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300 Steelhead in big Canyon Hatchery on Wallowa Friday, March 15, 2013

Tom and Jake had another great day on the Wallowa yesterday.  As you can see in this photo the Steelhead are big and the sun is shining.  Nice Jake.

They reported that as expected the river level is on the rise but the color is hanging in there and the temp is holding in the low 40's.  They also stopped in at the Big Canyon hatchery where they reported over 300 Steelhead coming in.  This is good news telling us that the fish are in the river and it is time to fish.

Contact me today if you would like Tom to show you his favorite fishing holes and techniques for catching Steelhead on the Wallowa.

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Wallowa River Fishing Conditions are Good. Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tom and Jake have fished the Wallowa every day since Saturday and are having a great week.  They have caught nice Steelhead every day including this 28" 7.5 pound bright hen.  You can tell by the look on Jake's face that this was a nice one.

Their report from last night March 12th said, despite the big spike in flow on the Grande Ronde River the Wallowa is holding steady and continues to have nice clarity and color and water temp in the low 40's.  This is quite surprising considering the warm weather we have been having.  they stopped in at the Hatchery and found that there are many new Steelhead beginning to show up there.  Seems like the high flows of the GR are really getting those fish moving up stream into the Wallowa.  If the river hangs in there the fishing should continue to get better and better during the next few weeks.  You gotta love catching Steelhead on a nice sunny 60 degree day.  No gloves needed out there this time of year.  Just sun glasses.

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Wallowa and Grande Ronde River Creel Report March 11th Monday, March 11, 2013

Well the Steelhead numbers from over the weekend look pretty good, particularly down at Rondowa on the Wallowa River.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope that the river does not blow out as predicted it will this week with the warm temperatures that are forecasted.  

Looks like the Grande Ronde is holding fairly steady but beginning to climb today.  Check out the Grande Ronde River at Troy gauge here

Tom has been out on the Wallowa all weekend and has been catching fish every day.  The river is looking good and fishing well. 

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Wallowa River Hanging in there. Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just a quick update on the Wallowa River Steelhead Fishing conditions.  Tom fished yesterday and found the river to be in great shape.  It has come down after a slight increase with last weeks warm rain event and is now running at a nice fishing level.   The water is clear and holding in the low 40's temperature.  Tom 's client caught a nice 1 salt steelhead on our favorite nymph yesterday.  Hope the river can hang in there for the next few weeks and provide us with some nice short sleeved steelhead fishing.  We will be out on the river quite a bit this week so I will keep you posted.

Stay tuned.

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Grande Ronde River Flows Cresting at 4,000cfs Monday, March 4, 2013

After a warm rain event here in North East Oregon we saw a big flush through the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Rivers.  The Grande Ronde got up over 4,000 and the Minam got up over 300.  Looks like we are seeing the end of the spike as the gauges begin to level out and drop.  Hope to see the Wallowa get back down around 200 and the Grande Ronde to get back down below 2500.  

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Grande Ronde River Steelhead Creel Report Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looks like best Steelhead fishing success is down on the Lower Grande Ronde in Oregon right now.  Flows on the Grande Ronde River have been on a nice slow descent bottoming out around 1650cfs today.  We are seeing some precipitation today and the chart looks like there is a little rise starting.  Let's hope the river does not blow out.  Check out the Grande Ronde River graph here.  

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30" Wild Buck on Wallowa! Thursday, February 21, 2013

This just in!  Tom fished the Wallowa River yesterday and caught a beautiful 30 inch Wild Buck.  He was fishing with our go to Prince Nymph.  Unfortunately we do not have a photo of this beauty only Tom's word and our imagination.  The fishing is really picking up down there.  The river is clear and holding right around 40 degrees.  I would say that the Spring season on the Wallowa River is a go.

Most folks I have talked to have reported the same thing.  Not quite as many Steelhead being caught as in year's past but the fish that are being caught are larger on average.  This is demonstrated nicely by Tom's report of the 30 incher.

We are also hearing good things from the Grande Ronde River.  Jon and I were down there with our buddy Jeff last weekend and caught a nice Wild fish on a nymph even though the flows were on the rise and the color was off.  I think you could have a great day down there as the flows level out again.

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